Authentic Foods is a boutique processing operation focusing on Western products unique in the Korean Market. We supply authentic recipes and products to 5 star hotels and western restaurants throughout Korea. We are fully bi-lingual and able to work closely with foreign suppliers, foreign restaurant owners and hotel chefs. Authentic also imports and represents similarly unique products with a story to tell.

Expanding from our Authentic Meats brand, we provide specialty foods to the market not easily available in Seoul and other cities in Korea. Goods ranging from imported canned foods, unique herbs & spices, beverages, baked goods, and more.



Authentic Foods now provides bulk sale of all our products to consumers making it perfect for parties, gatherings, events, and more!


Our core business: we supply restaurants, businesses, hotels and more with our great products.


Aside from delivery, we can also take care of catering for your special event, so leave the cooking to us.

Purchasing Notice

We are currently not taking any online orders.