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Stephen James Organic Deep Pink Himalayan Salt


Comes from what was originally the Tibetan plateau, which over millennia, became the mountainous regions in the Himalayas in North Pakistan.

360g / bottle, 12 bottles / box

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Himalayan Salt

The salts from the Himalayas are rich in mineral content and frequently dubbed “The purest salt on earth” by many health experts, untouched by pollutants from the sea & truly pristine.

This pure, unadulterated salt which contains a multitude of various minerals and ions that are bioavailable. This allows you to absorb and use all of those great minerals such as iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc.

So what are the benefits of SJO 73 Deep Pink Himalayan Salt?

  • Laboratory results show 73 ionically active minerals & elements in SJO Himalayan Salt. It contains more bioavailable iron than any other salts.
  • Proper balance of electrolytes result in improved digestion & better digestive-tract health.
  • Enhances the flavours of food, this is a priceless food preparation secret. It adds dimension to any food you’re working with.
  • Known in to stimulate circulation, balance blood pressure, boost immune system & balance the pH of the body

As such, the composition of the salt we choose is vital, as our bodies are mainly comprised of water and salt, in a similar proportion to that of ancient and deep seas. Salt and water, can be said to be the essence of life. And the important minerals we need to consume are found in SJO 73 Deep Pink Himalayan Salt.

Saffron-Pink Himalayan Salt is classified as a mineral salt. This mineral salt contains 92% NaCl and a Rainbow of BioAvailable Minerals.

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360g / bottle, 12 bottles / box

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